Friday, May 25, 2018

The teachings of Braydon...

If you have read my blog or if you have been following me on social media you are aware of my love and mission regarding animals. Part of my life purpose is to heal and communicate with them. Assisting them to transition into the next phase of their life.

I met the cat Braydon in the summer of 2017. His wonderful owner had found me through the last article written in this magazine about reiki and animals. She shared with me she is not really a magazine reader but felt compelled to pick this one up. It lay on her table for a while before she decided to read the article. That's how I entered Braydon's life and he entered mine.

Braydon is a majestic, beautiful, soulful cat.  Orange and white with intense green eyes. A soul that was meant to cross my path for an amazing exchange.

I started working with Braydon doing reiki, animal communication, and other intuitive healing methods to support him. He was very ill and his owner felt he was entering the last phase of his earthly life. I would see him approximately every 2-3 weeks for his treatments. It was clear my role would be to bring him serenity in all ways, to make him as comfortable as possible physically, and to be the telephone line between he and his owner. Answering questions they both had and communicating his needs to her to make him as happy as possible during this journey. He knew. And it was clear to me the honour with which I had been bestowed.

                                          This is Braydon and I during one of our healing/communication session

In February 2018, the time came. It was scheduled and would be happening peacefully in his home. I arrived first and took some time with him to explain what was about to unfold and offer energy healing. The way I communicate with animals is telepathically, it is the most efficient way I have found to receive and give clear messages. He had some fears that needed to be addressed. What will happen to me? I explained and showed him where he would go, what and who he would find there. His fear dissipated right away. Then another fearful thought came, but what about my partner? my  person (speaking of his loving owner)? What would happen to her? I reassured him that I would take care of her. He made me promise. I had to reassure him more than once about this matter.

This selfless concern astonishes me every time I encounter it. What is most important to them is the well-being of their owner, their friend. It brings a wave of pure love to me as I write this line. Their unconditional love is a gift I have yet to find in other earthly beings.

While the team and owner were discussing details, I heard Braydon ask me to come to him. He was sitting close to the radio which was playing his favourite cd. I sat down facing him, just a few feet away. He gave me the slow wink, cat's way of saying I love you. You have to know that he had done this only once before, the first day we had met. What happened next was nothing but incredibly beautiful. He locked eyes with me, told me to pay attention to the song that was playing. The line that came on right at that time was "everything comes back to you". I looked back at him and heard him share with me " Everything you did for me will come back to you". I just had to take a moment as I am writing this as it still does, and probably always will, stir up some emotions in me. What a teaching moment he had just offered me. Love...pure, selfless, monumental, and divine.

But he was not done being nothing less than incredible. I would be humbled and graced by his wisdom one more time. When his moment came, I stood aside sending energy healing to him and everyone in the room.  As a medium, I know that "death" as we call it is merely a transition for the soul from one vibration to another. There is a reason animals can see departed loved ones; their energy vibrates at a higher frequency. This is what I explain to my clients to assist them in their understanding and to bring them comfort. I have this immense privilege of being able to tap in these kind of frequencies so I can be of service to others. And I thought I understood death, transition, and frequency vibration really well. But I was about to realize there was more to learn.

Braydon started communicating with me before all was done, but then he continued communicating during his transition and continued after he had left his physical body. There was no separation during this whole time. Nothing changed, no stopping, no discontinuation. Putting this into words is difficult, it is a true "soul experience" as I refer to them. I had just had the privilege of experiencing the truth of the soul at the moment of passing. Our loved ones truly are right there with us. I never doubted it, but this was to experience it in an unusual way.

This day changed me. See this was my very first time being asked by an owner and animal to be of assistance for the entire process, from the very beginning in 2017 to the moment of grace in February of 2018. Since then, Brayden has come back to me, announcing he would be acting as one of my guides - helping me in assisting human beings and animals during their transitional time, as well as supporting the family.

I write this to hopefully bring you a different perspective as well as to lend comfort as it relates to our journey as a soul, no matter in which body you reside here on earth.

I will forever be grateful to this gorgeous Prince with the green piercing eyes.  I am honoured to have him as a teacher and honoured to share some of those teachings with all of you.

"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation" -Rumi

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Make it last...

Do you remember he last time you had an intense feeling along the lines of joy, gratefulness, peace? And then automatically just moved on. Moved on to your next task, to your next thought, to your next emotion?

There are many ways we can choose to live within our world and one of them is definitely move on, move fast, get things done. Unfortunately, always living from this place does not allow much space for our emotions and can be how many suppress them. It often becomes more about actions and "accomplishments", more about the content and details of life than actually what life is truly about.

After years of not feeling any emotions connected to the realm of happiness and serenity, sure I had fleeting moments but in the depth of my darkest years I do remember a time where I did for months and weeks not smile, laugh or feel a glimpse of light within my heart.

Have you ever felt surprised hearing your own laugh? I remember the exact moment it happened for me. I was with my husband on vacation just standing in the salt water and was being pushed back and forth by the waves, strong waves and joy just rolled within me like thunder and came out of my mouth, echoing in the wide open space a laugh. It was loud, so loud I stopped in surprised and looked at my husband and said "omg I just laughed!" Life had just offered me a precious perspective. One that I will never forget.

When joy came back here and there wrapped like a little precious package in my life, it became very noticeable and almost felt like a surprise. I started to pay attention when it would happen and when the occasion would show itself up I would consciously tap into it, stay connected with it. It felt amazing...

I then realized that it did not have to stop there. Joy did not have to be part of my life in only small moments. I had the capacity to grow that feeling, bask in it, feed it so it could fill me and my life longer.

When doing so we usher an amazing energy, joy is one of the highest vibrational emotion next to love. Focusing on it when it appears in our lives and as mentioned above letting it bubble up inside us creates ripples that are unseen with our physical eyes. It attracts more of it towards ourselves and it does so in truly magical ways and in all areas of our life. In fact this whole process is true for all emotions and we then realize that we have a choice on where and what we decide to harness our energy.

So may I invite you, next time you feel joy, to first realize that's what it is. Then close your eyes, take deep breaths and with each of them feel happiness grow within you. And then let it grow outside of you and stay there for a moment longer than you usually would.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Sunday, June 11, 2017

The ladybug and the Horse

Since I can remember, I was always a little girl who loved animals. All of them! From horses to dogs, insects to birds. I remember this lovely lady we had as a neighbour. Her home was old and beautiful! I would walk from my yard through her marvellous gardens. So many flowers, it was magical. I would go visit her and would always end up in her wardrobe where I knew, in a box was her cat and kittens. She seemed to always have kittens around. I would get lost in time and often would be late for dinner, but my mom knew where to call to find me. I would do the same at my grandmother's place. I would kiss my grandma quickly and head in the basement, near the wood stove where again a box with kittens was waiting for my love and enchantment.

As a child I had a bed frame with a book shelf in the headboard. I had a whole collection of books about animals of all kinds; birds, whales, wolves etc. As I got older I spent hours watching documentaries. I only spoke french back then and loved Jacques Cousteau! His amazing documentaries were called "L’Odyssée Sous-Marine de l’Équipe Cousteau". My mom would urge me to go outside but I was perfectly happy learning and being amazed by the creatures of the world!

When my spiritual journey started to unfold and come to the forefront of my life, especially after my Reiki course, I realized my love for everything in nature grew! I even had a phase where I had a hard time gardening, cutting grass etc... I kept thinking; who decided this plant was a weed and needed to go and this one was a flower therefore could live? I started saving all insects I could from my home. In our home we would get ladybugs quite often and I had learned that in the winter they could survive on their body weight but what was killing them was dehydration. So yes, I would put a bit of water on my finger and leave it to them, they would run towards it and drink. Even my husband knew to leave them alone and not get rid of them. Every living being deserves to me from a ladybug to horse there is no difference. Who gets to decide which one is more important!

The more I aligned with my purpose the more sensitive I became.  Eventually I came to the realization that I am an Empath. I had always associated being an empath to feeling and sometimes absorbing a persons' energy but I realized that I could also do it with animals.

I could feel what animals were feeling; both physically and emotionally. I remember my first experience with this. My husband and I were were travelling to my in-laws in Northern Ontario. We sadly ended drive by a bear who had just been hit and was laying in the middle of the road. He could not get up, but was still moving his legs. I had to stop the car a few minutes after that as I could not stop crying.  This was not me sympathizing and just being sad about the event. I was in fact feeling pain and so much sadness, and fear. I knew I had picked up on the bear's energy. That's how I started to really notice something important was happening that was tied to my life purpose including animals.

I started volunteering at a sanctuary for wild birds and was assigned to the ICU. I could feel when one was close to passing or when one was scared, happy, etc. It was hard at first but then I realized it was how I could connect with them and therefore help them in the way they needed. It was not a curse feeling this much, it was an ability and tool I was given to help in my own way.

From there my love and desire to help animals heal just sky-rocketed! Animal Reiki was my next step. In this training I was shown techniques and insights only to realize I had already been doing these teachings intuitively, so it just confirmed even more that it was part of my purpose to help nature.

Animals started to show themselves to me more and more, especially wild animals and birds. Animals I had never seen ever before in my life. Just this week I had the privilege of watching, 10 feet away from me, 4 little chickadee babies take their first flight one right after the other. It was absolutely magical. Last winter a snowy owl gave me the honour to be in its' presence one on one. I took the time to thank him, meditate with him and send him Reiki that he graciously accepted. I even have a lovely friend who started to call me Snow White haha!

As I write this I feel my heart space just open up so much. I often say I prefer being in the presence of animals. They understand me and connect with me on a level humans often can't. And the most beautiful thing started to happen. As I was more and more open and practiced more Reiki on them I started to hear them. Animal communication is something I now realize I always did but now I am aware of it and use it to help me get to the root of what needs healing.

Imagine how different our world would be if we all respected, to the high level of wisdom that they have, all animals, trees, insects. They taught me that we don't need words to communicate with one another. Humans to humans, humans to animals, etc. We can communicate and create stronger bonds energetically, if only we take the time. They help us connect with a part of ourselves that is screaming to come alive. They teach us about the beauty of life, the rhythms of the earth, the seasons of joy and struggle we go through. They teach us about compassion, resilience, and of course LOVE. They have helped me heal and now it's my time to do the same for them.

So go out there in nature, be still, observe, listen...there are many teachers ready to help you on your path.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The power of intention

More than ever, we are being confronted and triggered. Sometimes by the person sitting right next to us on the bus, by a customer, or, of course and most commonly, our own family. But have you noticed a shift lately? A wind of change? We are most definitely being tested by a much bigger energy and tension from the physical world that we, more and more, can't deny. The energy is dense and although some people have noticed it for awhile now. I would say many more in the last few months are now aware.

And more than ever we need to find ourselves. Some will say they need to find their heart space, others will use the term inner-self, while others will call it finding their centre. It's all the same. It is in your centre that you will find your answers. As only in your centre can you be loved, can you love, and can you change the circumstances you want to see changed. It will not be from the outside that this transformation will occur. It is, and has always been, from the inside out. It starts with you and you will never know the ripple effect, the impact you will make, and the power you have until you tap into the never ending well of abundant love that resides inside of you. And I speak of a gentle and kind inner power that, yes, can change the world.
Words are overrated my friends...intention is how you will get through to others. Intention from your heart and from this peace that we are all made of. That we were born with and that is there even when the world is loud and overbearing.

I did not understand the power of intention, let alone what it truly meant, until last year. I remember the exact moment where I experienced it while consciously being aware of it. I was in a group session/demonstration for equine therapy. We were asked to make our horse meet us at the centre of the arena. I noticed everyone walking towards their horses.  They were trying to push them, pull them, call them. I got quiet, calm, and started breathing. Finding my centre, my heart space. I placed myself in the centre of the arena, closed my eyes. I put out the intention of wanting the horse to come meet me. After about a minute, I opened my eyes. The horse had walked right up to me, only a foot away from me. Facing me and totally connected with me. It was magical and even I could not believe it at first....can it really be this easy? Yes it can! 

I then started to use this in other situations and with different people. At the grocery store, while driving, in my sessions with clients etc. What a beautiful discovery! 
We, humans, use words, so many words....too many words in my opinion. It truly is not how we communicate most effectively. Someone will read your intention long before any words make it to their conscious minds. That's where the intention you have can be so powerful! 

And I know, believe me I know; life is busy, the world is moving fast, and you feel you can't stop because if you do you will be missing out. This needs to be done, that needs attended to etc. I get pulled into the circus like everyone else...but being aware is key. Start by being aware you are being pulled and then take yourself back into your centre with this peace that never left you. It is there inside you waiting for you to tap into it. It won't be a loud will be a whisper. So breathe. Be still as much as you can. Pull yourself back in a million times a day if you must (that's where I am at right now). It takes practice but the rewards last a lifetime. Once you have found this clarity you can move from this place of love and set your intentions... send out your signal into the world! 

Crack your heart open! Let your mind take a back seat. Let your inner self guide is there waiting for you. It will always be there. It has aways been there. The heart always wins. Let your heart be the fuel behind your intentions.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Your energy...Your responsibility...

My angels wanted me to share with you on the subject of being responsible for your own energy.  Before the holidays I had a big anxiety episode and it had been 3 weeks since my last one. I was pondering what had triggered it.  The next morning I realized it was a mix of my own anxiety and the energy from others around me. Being an empath is a beautiful gift but in stressful times can be harder to live with. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive and can feel and absorb the energy of the people around them. Even further than that some empaths, like myself, can feel world's energies, the collective consciousness. Here's an example; I can be in a perfectly good mood, all is well and I can go in a shopping centre and notice my feelings change. All of a sudden I can start feeling moody or anxious when 1/2 hour before I was on cloud number nine. The same thing happens with watching the news. I actually stopped watching news as it would affect me too much. I can feel someone's sadness and pain on a physical and emotional level. This is a fantastic tool when working with clients but I have had to learn how to take care of my own energy, to clear myself and shield my energy field constantly from the harsh and negative energies that do not serve me.

Maybe you resonate with just being highly sensitive, or being an empath. And maybe you don't resonate with it at all.  The reason I am sharing this is because it is so important to be aware and take care of our own energy no matter at what level we feel it. Because it's also not only about how much you feel but how you share your own energy with others. Are you aware of what you do with it, how you show up in the world, and how it affect others and yourself?

Interestingly I believe self care is key! For all the ones out there who just love to give but take no time for themselves I say please do. Please do take time for yourself because that's how you will achieve your goal of helping others even more. Because eventually, if you take no time for yourself, your level of stress will spike up and negative feelings can start to arise. Feelings like resentment, anger, etc. start to creep in and next thing you know you might take it out on someone, or on your pets, who truly might have nothing to do with all that you are feeling. What you end up doing is just letting it all out. For most people who love to give, you then might start feeling guilty for lashing out...and that is not an healthy energy for you to create and live from. 

So if you believe it is selfish to have regular self-care it truly is not. You're actually doing a favour to yourself and others! It is not a luxury, it is not a selfish's you being responsible with your own energy and showing the self-love you deserve and is necessary.

Finding whatever makes you happy, whatever brings your stress level down, is for you to find out. You get to come up with your own recipe. For me it looks like this; every morning I will bring in my guardian angels and Archangels and connect with them during meditation. I will ask them to help me clean and clear any known or unknown low or fear based energies from my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies through various methods. I then ask them to shield me for my upcoming day and only let love enter and leave my energy field. Another way I love to provide self-care is connecting with nature.  Going outside is so important to help me find clarity and keep my vibration high. Exercising is also one that helps me, especially gentle forms of exercise like yin yoga, stretching, etc.  Having a sea salt bath is one of my favourites! It helps me to keep my energy clean especially if I was in public during the day. Those are all ways that work for me but everyone is different so make it a fun thing to try to figure out what works for you and raises your vibration!

In very high stress situations, sometimes the best way you can do this is to honour and take care of yourself and remove yourself from conversations, situations, etc. Taking a time-out to go and breathe and check-in with yourself.  Are the situations you find yourself in healthy for you? Do they promote lifting your spirit or is it full of negative which truly helps no one. 

A second point I would like to share is how awareness of your energy is important. Being aware when interacting with the outside world but also when alone. Meditating can be an amazing way to work on building awareness of your own state. Noticing how you feel and what you are doing with all those feelings. Are you owning them and processing them in a healthy way or are you totally ignoring them and acting without noticing how you show up in the world and how it affects you and others?

When I started to be aware of this concept I noticed how it actually changed my interactions for the better with others.  It helped me be much happier and stay positive. That awareness of my own energy made it easier to notice if the energy I was feeling was mine or someone else's. It also made me aware of when I would start being affected by another's energy in my own field. I could then respond to them in a way that was healthier for both of us. 

In closing I wish a beautiful year 2017 to everyone...let it be filled with love, truth, light, discoveries, and growth. I wish you all that your heart and soul desires!

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Out of the spiritual closet

Yep, there you have it! I'm out! What does it mean when I say I am out of the spiritual closet? It means I am comfortable and happy to share and say out loud that I can communicate with angels, spirit, crossed over loved ones, etc. When someone asks me what I do for work I respond that I am an energy healer and I can communicate with their guardian angels. It means that I have, many times, delivered to strangers, from a cashier to a waitress, messages from their angels. It also means I try to connect, make decisions and live as much as possible from my higher-self. I say as much as possible because of course I am still human. I have come to earth in this body of mine to learn, expand and grow. Which means I am not perfect and will make mistakes, which I like to translate as opportunities and experiences. I really believe we are souls having an earthly experience.

Working from that inner place and state has been a huge part, and still is, of my healing. I have gone from wanting to leave this earth to starting my own business in 6 months...It is simply a miracle. It fills me and nourishes me in a way that brings more joy and peace than anything I could find from an external source. The last year working from this place reminded me that all I need is already in me. The gifts and abilities were just mine to uncover and start sharing with the world.
Today I want to share how much I just LOVE working with the angels. I love the feeling when they are around and their energy. Gentle, peaceful, soft.  I seem to lose track of time. Time just not exist...I am simply in the moment. How does my connection work and how do these celestial beings manifest themselves to me? Well I must say I am always impressed at how creative they are. 

Clairvoyance is one of the ways it most frequently takes place for me. What it means is that I can see.  Some things I see with my physical eyes and others in my mind's eye. With my physical eyes I can see sparkles of individual colours which are angels and sometimes even fairies. I can see their messages and guidance which can show up in repetitive numbers on licence plates, receipts etc. and also words and phrases, for example on boards, books, and even television. In my mind's eye I often see blurry, long, or bright shadows that are most often white but sometimes different colours as well. Their messages come in the form of single images of all kinds and sometimes even like a little rolling movie.

My second strongest ability (for now; and I say for now because with time and depending on what is going on in my life it changes) is called Clairsentience, which means I can feel them. I can feel their presence and can also feel the impressions they leave in my body. Sometimes those are answers to questions I have asked for myself or clients. I can also feel other people's energy which is a way for me to connect with others and again get answers for clients but also is very useful to know when to trust and when to move away from certain people.

I also can hear them which is called Clairaudience. For me I can hear with my physical ears and also inside of my head. With my physical ears it is mostly a very clear and specific sound, I have experienced hearing bells, the drawing of a sword, or even soft music playing (especially early in the morning). In my head I will hear words.  It is most often very short and clear.

The last way I get to connect with my loving winged messengers is what we call Claircognizance. It a feeling of knowingness...I just know something and if someone asks me how do I know I actually can't explain it...I just know.

It is now part of my life, every day those lovely celestial beings are with me, guiding me, loving me, taking care of me. I was always a very sensitive child and believed from a very young age in them.  My abilities just kept developing with time based on my desire to connect with them. The cool news is...everyone has angels around them and everyone can communicate with them...all you have to do is ask...

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Do we really know how to be compassionate?

Being compassionate; it is one of the many beautiful human qualities I aspire to be and try to use as a daily practice. To me it means to listen with all my being to someone who is sharing verbally their emotions, their stories. It can also mean to be present to witness their emotions showing up on a physical level, whatever that might look like. They might be feeling pain, sadness, anger. I try to be there with them as they hurt, cry, scream...

I always thought I was pretty good at it, until I realized I sometimes was being compassionate but only partially. Not in a voluntary way of course but I guess I was missing a piece in my practice and it is a big piece. I learned I need to erase myself from the process on a personal level. What do I mean by that? Have you ever gone to someone while you were not feeling well just to share, vent, and let it all out? and while you were there being vulnerable the other person just chips in "oh I understand! I remember when (...) happened to me and I was feeling so (...)" and then they either go on with their story or keep listening to you but later interrupts again or while you are sobbing throws in another example from their life? I think we have probably all done that.  I know I have done it many times thinking I was showing support, thinking it was helping to let them know they were not alone feeling that way. But true compassion means you hold space for that person and take your feelings, your examples, "you" out of it and leave the floor to them. 

I experienced and noticed the difference when I started working with some wonderful people through my healing journey. For example my amazing psychotherapist (see contact info below).  I remember a session, during the early stages of my healing, in whichI was spilling my guts out, crying, talking, feeling a deep emotional pain. She was calm, just listening, letting me get it all out, no interruptions, no advice. Once I was done I realized the silence...I realized that what she had given me was exactly what I needed. She was fully there with me and for me, mind, body and soul. Holding loving space with no judgment of her own. I find these are the most healing moments for me. All of a sudden, in the aftermath of allowing myself to feel, my body starts to process by using that energy, that starts healing itself. The body knows what to do. It just needs the right conditions, the right energy and space. 

This was the key piece missing from my being able to fully practice compassion for others. I have noticed the difference when practicing this skill with anyone pouring their soul out to me. They actually are not used to it! And what I mean by that is they are not used to someone just being there, quiet and listening. I had a few people stop in the middle of their outburst and ask me "is everything ok?" They were waiting for me to interrupt, to give them advice or just chime in at some point. And I simply respond "I am just listening, I am here for you" and then they go back to expressing themselves knowing it is safe and I am here...all of me...just for them.

I encourage you to try this.  See if you notice a difference in them or in yourself. See if you can catch yourself in that moment when all of a sudden you get in your head and either judge, think of some piece of advice, or start looking for an example from your own life and want to chime in.  I would love to hear about your experience in bringing all aspects of compassion into your life.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


* I take this opportunity to share with you the info of my wonderful psychotherapist. Her name is Susan Prosser and you can find her at 
The Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group in Ottawa