Thursday, December 8, 2016

Out of the spiritual closet

Yep, there you have it! I'm out! What does it mean when I say I am out of the spiritual closet? It means I am comfortable and happy to share and say out loud that I can communicate with angels, spirit, crossed over loved ones, etc. When someone asks me what I do for work I respond that I am an energy healer and I can communicate with their guardian angels. It means that I have, many times, delivered to strangers, from a cashier to a waitress, messages from their angels. It also means I try to connect, make decisions and live as much as possible from my higher-self. I say as much as possible because of course I am still human. I have come to earth in this body of mine to learn, expand and grow. Which means I am not perfect and will make mistakes, which I like to translate as opportunities and experiences. I really believe we are souls having an earthly experience.

Working from that inner place and state has been a huge part, and still is, of my healing. I have gone from wanting to leave this earth to starting my own business in 6 months...It is simply a miracle. It fills me and nourishes me in a way that brings more joy and peace than anything I could find from an external source. The last year working from this place reminded me that all I need is already in me. The gifts and abilities were just mine to uncover and start sharing with the world.
Today I want to share how much I just LOVE working with the angels. I love the feeling when they are around and their energy. Gentle, peaceful, soft.  I seem to lose track of time. Time just not exist...I am simply in the moment. How does my connection work and how do these celestial beings manifest themselves to me? Well I must say I am always impressed at how creative they are. 

Clairvoyance is one of the ways it most frequently takes place for me. What it means is that I can see.  Some things I see with my physical eyes and others in my mind's eye. With my physical eyes I can see sparkles of individual colours which are angels and sometimes even fairies. I can see their messages and guidance which can show up in repetitive numbers on licence plates, receipts etc. and also words and phrases, for example on boards, books, and even television. In my mind's eye I often see blurry, long, or bright shadows that are most often white but sometimes different colours as well. Their messages come in the form of single images of all kinds and sometimes even like a little rolling movie.

My second strongest ability (for now; and I say for now because with time and depending on what is going on in my life it changes) is called Clairsentience, which means I can feel them. I can feel their presence and can also feel the impressions they leave in my body. Sometimes those are answers to questions I have asked for myself or clients. I can also feel other people's energy which is a way for me to connect with others and again get answers for clients but also is very useful to know when to trust and when to move away from certain people.

I also can hear them which is called Clairaudience. For me I can hear with my physical ears and also inside of my head. With my physical ears it is mostly a very clear and specific sound, I have experienced hearing bells, the drawing of a sword, or even soft music playing (especially early in the morning). In my head I will hear words.  It is most often very short and clear.

The last way I get to connect with my loving winged messengers is what we call Claircognizance. It a feeling of knowingness...I just know something and if someone asks me how do I know I actually can't explain it...I just know.

It is now part of my life, every day those lovely celestial beings are with me, guiding me, loving me, taking care of me. I was always a very sensitive child and believed from a very young age in them.  My abilities just kept developing with time based on my desire to connect with them. The cool news is...everyone has angels around them and everyone can communicate with them...all you have to do is ask...

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Do we really know how to be compassionate?

Being compassionate; it is one of the many beautiful human qualities I aspire to be and try to use as a daily practice. To me it means to listen with all my being to someone who is sharing verbally their emotions, their stories. It can also mean to be present to witness their emotions showing up on a physical level, whatever that might look like. They might be feeling pain, sadness, anger. I try to be there with them as they hurt, cry, scream...

I always thought I was pretty good at it, until I realized I sometimes was being compassionate but only partially. Not in a voluntary way of course but I guess I was missing a piece in my practice and it is a big piece. I learned I need to erase myself from the process on a personal level. What do I mean by that? Have you ever gone to someone while you were not feeling well just to share, vent, and let it all out? and while you were there being vulnerable the other person just chips in "oh I understand! I remember when (...) happened to me and I was feeling so (...)" and then they either go on with their story or keep listening to you but later interrupts again or while you are sobbing throws in another example from their life? I think we have probably all done that.  I know I have done it many times thinking I was showing support, thinking it was helping to let them know they were not alone feeling that way. But true compassion means you hold space for that person and take your feelings, your examples, "you" out of it and leave the floor to them. 

I experienced and noticed the difference when I started working with some wonderful people through my healing journey. For example my amazing psychotherapist (see contact info below).  I remember a session, during the early stages of my healing, in whichI was spilling my guts out, crying, talking, feeling a deep emotional pain. She was calm, just listening, letting me get it all out, no interruptions, no advice. Once I was done I realized the silence...I realized that what she had given me was exactly what I needed. She was fully there with me and for me, mind, body and soul. Holding loving space with no judgment of her own. I find these are the most healing moments for me. All of a sudden, in the aftermath of allowing myself to feel, my body starts to process by using that energy, that starts healing itself. The body knows what to do. It just needs the right conditions, the right energy and space. 

This was the key piece missing from my being able to fully practice compassion for others. I have noticed the difference when practicing this skill with anyone pouring their soul out to me. They actually are not used to it! And what I mean by that is they are not used to someone just being there, quiet and listening. I had a few people stop in the middle of their outburst and ask me "is everything ok?" They were waiting for me to interrupt, to give them advice or just chime in at some point. And I simply respond "I am just listening, I am here for you" and then they go back to expressing themselves knowing it is safe and I am here...all of me...just for them.

I encourage you to try this.  See if you notice a difference in them or in yourself. See if you can catch yourself in that moment when all of a sudden you get in your head and either judge, think of some piece of advice, or start looking for an example from your own life and want to chime in.  I would love to hear about your experience in bringing all aspects of compassion into your life.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


* I take this opportunity to share with you the info of my wonderful psychotherapist. Her name is Susan Prosser and you can find her at 
The Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group in Ottawa

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Opportunities are everywhere

I was going to make the blog about compassion this week...and then I did not write it. I was guided to wait. I did not question and went along with the guidance. I woke this morning and understood why "my plan" was not "the plan". It often is that way in life.

Don't worry; this is not about politics but it is definitely what instigated the suggestions and invitations I want to share with you. Many today are afraid, sad, angry and disappointed in light of the results of the American election. You have a right to feel the way you do. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and I invite you to feel them to the with that anger, let the tears flow down your cheeks, feel it all as this is information your body is giving you, valuable information that should not be denied but felt and processed...and then when you are ready... stand up, get up.

As I mentioned in my first blog "the hardest year of my life is in disguise the best catapult and catalyst for me to step and align with my life purpose and strip away layer by layer the untruths". So my invitation to you is, when you feel ready, to be curious and entertain the idea that what has happened is an opportunity. There is HUGE potential for everyone. Opportunities of growth and healing on a personal level as well as for the entire world. This can be the catalyst the world needed for the changes that we want. This can be the catalyst to shed layers and layers of untruths that you will find underneath fear. This could be an opportunity for unity with love as it's leader. I know it can be hard right now for many to even think at it from that point of view and it might mean you have to be patient, kind, and compassionate with yourself. In time it might be easier to consider all of this from that perspective.

Many of you, I am sure, can recall a time or an event in your life or the life of someone else. A time that was just so difficult, so hard, unbearable even. But eventually you noticed how much positive came out of it...the growth and teachings were invaluable. It is not what you might have wanted but looking back you are now thankful for how it unfolded and what it brought you.

Once you are back on your feet...put your hand on your heart... and let it guide you, let it be your compass moment to moment. You don't need to figure it all out now. Just breathe, stay centred, and most of all, don't get distracted. 

Believe me there will be plenty of distractions and they will show up in your life in all ways. Stay the course and stay focussed. Only if you allow it will you be powerless.  Nobody; no woman or man can take your inner peace, power, or inner truth. Stay in your truth, it might not be easy and you might need to remake that choice more than once to come back to that truth of yours. And you know what? that's ok...just gently bring yourself back to it without judgement.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I am acceleration in slow motion

There are so many lessons I have learned and continue to discover from my ongoing healing process of this past year. There is one in particular I keep being reminded of especially recently as I improve from week to week; the power of going through life slowly. See, I was raised and conditioned by family and society that working, moving, doing things faster is great because faster meant I could produce more and if I could produce more I would BE more...

When I was going through my darkest period I wanted it to be over with. I knew there were lessons to be learned, that I would grow from it and it was all meant to be this way...but let's be real, truly...all I wanted was for the suffering to be over, the lessons to be learned and processed RIGHT NOW! I needed and wanted to heal FASTER because, well, faster was better right? That is what I had learned.

I spent months and months like this (and still feel the push on harder days). Life had forced me to slow down...I had no more physical strength and as a fitness instructor I kept seeing my strength leave my body, I kept losing weight that I did not want to lose. Psychologically and emotionally I could not function anymore. Everything was a trigger for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). There are many ways OCD can manifest and mine was manifesting in the form of intrusive thoughts. I could not watch TV anymore, I could not read anymore, I was unable to be in public. During car rides I was only watching my feet because if I looked out the windows I would get triggered. Spiritually I was unable to connect with my dear intuition and hear the loving guidance of my soul. Everything was stripped away from me...leaving me with what seemed like nothing. I was only able to live minute to minute, moment to moment. I was unable to plan how I would be or what I would do in the next half hour; let alone trying to plan the next day, next week, next month. 

As I mentioned I was left with what seemed like nothing...but truly I was given a gift. The gift of experiencing what living in the moment felt like...truly there was no other way for me to be. When I started to work from that place and accept it (believe me that did not go over well all the time) I started to see improvements...small but HUGE all at once. For example; the fact that I could start staying home all by myself for an hour without my husband being at home with me was a reason to celebrate! For months he moved his office to our home so he could be with me (yes he is an incredible husband!). I even remember the first time I truly laughed after months and months of not doing actually startled me.

The more I slowed down the faster I was healing. During a session with my CODE Model Coach™ , Kae Roberts, (credit to Louise Lebrun and WEL-Systems Institute as the creators of CODE Model Coaching™) I was given the suggestion of an affirmation and if it spoke to me and felt right to use it in my everyday life as a reminder. She said "write this down; I AM ACCELERATION IN SLOW MOTION". I had to take a moment to realize how much this was resonating with me and how profound the discovery of this affirmation felt in my being. This gave me an indication of where I was in my journey and the progress I had made.

The more I slowed down the more I noticed the important things in life. All of my psychic abilities started to kick back in, I could hear, see, feel and know my intuitions' guidance, my angels' guidance (now I've got you wondering right? what??? she can hear, see, feel and know what??? yeah that will be for another blog lol). I was noticing the important markers that would help me make the best choices for my life. I had pin-pointed a false belief that had been well conditioned and anchored in my body at a cellular level which brings me back to the beginning...working, moving, being faster no longer meant I would be more...there was never a need for me to be more...all I need is to BE. I can't rush my healing and I can't rush life. 

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The hardest year of my life...

How life can quickly change & the universe direct & re-direct you. One year ago I never knew I would be embarking the hardest year of my life. It all started with a panic attack to end up moving into the biggest healing of my life...these past months my full time job has been to recover from OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
It even brought me to a place I never thought I would be...a few months ago I was ready to leave this planet....but the hardest year of my life is in disguise the best catapult and catalyst for me to step and align with my life purpose and strip away layer by layer the untruths to reveal what was always there...ME in my with all that I am and need is already there...I just needed to do the work..the real healing work of years and years of what was heavy and full of lies...Real healing, awareness and enlightenment is hard, ugly, raw and will take you down on your knees-lying on the floor thinking you can't anymore...
I am in a better place now...but I am not done...but so close to the end of this healing chapter. I have brought to myself the best team of therapists, healers and of course the most amazing support system filled with friends, family, soul family, spirit/angel team & the best husband I could have called into my rock...thank you will never be enough...
So whatever you are going through...know you are not alone...our stories may diverse, the path we choose to grow is different but truly I believe it is all the is for our full expansion as the always ever lasting expansive beings we are, we just choose different ways and lessons to achieve it. I offer this piece for your consideration...while we are here let's be kind, patient and compassionate with one you never know who you encounter might be having the hardest year of their life...

My goal with this blog is to be of service by sharing my own personal experiences of healing. 
You will hear about mental health, nutrition, energy healing, my hard days, my celebrations, angels, spirituality, oneness and who knows what else!. I decided to use my birthday (oct 26th) as the launch date as it has a significance to me this year...I am going through a huge transformation and it feels like a rebirth. 

So I hope I can be there for you in a way that will resonate and help. May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...