Thursday, December 8, 2016

Out of the spiritual closet

Yep, there you have it! I'm out! What does it mean when I say I am out of the spiritual closet? It means I am comfortable and happy to share and say out loud that I can communicate with angels, spirit, crossed over loved ones, etc. When someone asks me what I do for work I respond that I am an energy healer and I can communicate with their guardian angels. It means that I have, many times, delivered to strangers, from a cashier to a waitress, messages from their angels. It also means I try to connect, make decisions and live as much as possible from my higher-self. I say as much as possible because of course I am still human. I have come to earth in this body of mine to learn, expand and grow. Which means I am not perfect and will make mistakes, which I like to translate as opportunities and experiences. I really believe we are souls having an earthly experience.

Working from that inner place and state has been a huge part, and still is, of my healing. I have gone from wanting to leave this earth to starting my own business in 6 months...It is simply a miracle. It fills me and nourishes me in a way that brings more joy and peace than anything I could find from an external source. The last year working from this place reminded me that all I need is already in me. The gifts and abilities were just mine to uncover and start sharing with the world.
Today I want to share how much I just LOVE working with the angels. I love the feeling when they are around and their energy. Gentle, peaceful, soft.  I seem to lose track of time. Time just not exist...I am simply in the moment. How does my connection work and how do these celestial beings manifest themselves to me? Well I must say I am always impressed at how creative they are. 

Clairvoyance is one of the ways it most frequently takes place for me. What it means is that I can see.  Some things I see with my physical eyes and others in my mind's eye. With my physical eyes I can see sparkles of individual colours which are angels and sometimes even fairies. I can see their messages and guidance which can show up in repetitive numbers on licence plates, receipts etc. and also words and phrases, for example on boards, books, and even television. In my mind's eye I often see blurry, long, or bright shadows that are most often white but sometimes different colours as well. Their messages come in the form of single images of all kinds and sometimes even like a little rolling movie.

My second strongest ability (for now; and I say for now because with time and depending on what is going on in my life it changes) is called Clairsentience, which means I can feel them. I can feel their presence and can also feel the impressions they leave in my body. Sometimes those are answers to questions I have asked for myself or clients. I can also feel other people's energy which is a way for me to connect with others and again get answers for clients but also is very useful to know when to trust and when to move away from certain people.

I also can hear them which is called Clairaudience. For me I can hear with my physical ears and also inside of my head. With my physical ears it is mostly a very clear and specific sound, I have experienced hearing bells, the drawing of a sword, or even soft music playing (especially early in the morning). In my head I will hear words.  It is most often very short and clear.

The last way I get to connect with my loving winged messengers is what we call Claircognizance. It a feeling of knowingness...I just know something and if someone asks me how do I know I actually can't explain it...I just know.

It is now part of my life, every day those lovely celestial beings are with me, guiding me, loving me, taking care of me. I was always a very sensitive child and believed from a very young age in them.  My abilities just kept developing with time based on my desire to connect with them. The cool news is...everyone has angels around them and everyone can communicate with them...all you have to do is ask...

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...



  1. Wonderful Marie-Helene. Just wonderful.

  2. Beautiful and Gorgeous is the only way I know to explain this ability!

    1. Thank you Lona! And everyone has those abilities 😊

  3. Amazing work MH! You are truly a gift to this world! Thank you for being you!