Sunday, January 8, 2017

Your energy...Your responsibility...

My angels wanted me to share with you on the subject of being responsible for your own energy.  Before the holidays I had a big anxiety episode and it had been 3 weeks since my last one. I was pondering what had triggered it.  The next morning I realized it was a mix of my own anxiety and the energy from others around me. Being an empath is a beautiful gift but in stressful times can be harder to live with. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive and can feel and absorb the energy of the people around them. Even further than that some empaths, like myself, can feel world's energies, the collective consciousness. Here's an example; I can be in a perfectly good mood, all is well and I can go in a shopping centre and notice my feelings change. All of a sudden I can start feeling moody or anxious when 1/2 hour before I was on cloud number nine. The same thing happens with watching the news. I actually stopped watching news as it would affect me too much. I can feel someone's sadness and pain on a physical and emotional level. This is a fantastic tool when working with clients but I have had to learn how to take care of my own energy, to clear myself and shield my energy field constantly from the harsh and negative energies that do not serve me.

Maybe you resonate with just being highly sensitive, or being an empath. And maybe you don't resonate with it at all.  The reason I am sharing this is because it is so important to be aware and take care of our own energy no matter at what level we feel it. Because it's also not only about how much you feel but how you share your own energy with others. Are you aware of what you do with it, how you show up in the world, and how it affect others and yourself?

Interestingly I believe self care is key! For all the ones out there who just love to give but take no time for themselves I say please do. Please do take time for yourself because that's how you will achieve your goal of helping others even more. Because eventually, if you take no time for yourself, your level of stress will spike up and negative feelings can start to arise. Feelings like resentment, anger, etc. start to creep in and next thing you know you might take it out on someone, or on your pets, who truly might have nothing to do with all that you are feeling. What you end up doing is just letting it all out. For most people who love to give, you then might start feeling guilty for lashing out...and that is not an healthy energy for you to create and live from. 

So if you believe it is selfish to have regular self-care it truly is not. You're actually doing a favour to yourself and others! It is not a luxury, it is not a selfish's you being responsible with your own energy and showing the self-love you deserve and is necessary.

Finding whatever makes you happy, whatever brings your stress level down, is for you to find out. You get to come up with your own recipe. For me it looks like this; every morning I will bring in my guardian angels and Archangels and connect with them during meditation. I will ask them to help me clean and clear any known or unknown low or fear based energies from my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies through various methods. I then ask them to shield me for my upcoming day and only let love enter and leave my energy field. Another way I love to provide self-care is connecting with nature.  Going outside is so important to help me find clarity and keep my vibration high. Exercising is also one that helps me, especially gentle forms of exercise like yin yoga, stretching, etc.  Having a sea salt bath is one of my favourites! It helps me to keep my energy clean especially if I was in public during the day. Those are all ways that work for me but everyone is different so make it a fun thing to try to figure out what works for you and raises your vibration!

In very high stress situations, sometimes the best way you can do this is to honour and take care of yourself and remove yourself from conversations, situations, etc. Taking a time-out to go and breathe and check-in with yourself.  Are the situations you find yourself in healthy for you? Do they promote lifting your spirit or is it full of negative which truly helps no one. 

A second point I would like to share is how awareness of your energy is important. Being aware when interacting with the outside world but also when alone. Meditating can be an amazing way to work on building awareness of your own state. Noticing how you feel and what you are doing with all those feelings. Are you owning them and processing them in a healthy way or are you totally ignoring them and acting without noticing how you show up in the world and how it affects you and others?

When I started to be aware of this concept I noticed how it actually changed my interactions for the better with others.  It helped me be much happier and stay positive. That awareness of my own energy made it easier to notice if the energy I was feeling was mine or someone else's. It also made me aware of when I would start being affected by another's energy in my own field. I could then respond to them in a way that was healthier for both of us. 

In closing I wish a beautiful year 2017 to everyone...let it be filled with love, truth, light, discoveries, and growth. I wish you all that your heart and soul desires!

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...