Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The power of intention

More than ever, we are being confronted and triggered. Sometimes by the person sitting right next to us on the bus, by a customer, or, of course and most commonly, our own family. But have you noticed a shift lately? A wind of change? We are most definitely being tested by a much bigger energy and tension from the physical world that we, more and more, can't deny. The energy is dense and although some people have noticed it for awhile now. I would say many more in the last few months are now aware.

And more than ever we need to find ourselves. Some will say they need to find their heart space, others will use the term inner-self, while others will call it finding their centre. It's all the same. It is in your centre that you will find your answers. As only in your centre can you be loved, can you love, and can you change the circumstances you want to see changed. It will not be from the outside that this transformation will occur. It is, and has always been, from the inside out. It starts with you and you will never know the ripple effect, the impact you will make, and the power you have until you tap into the never ending well of abundant love that resides inside of you. And I speak of a gentle and kind inner power that, yes, can change the world.
Words are overrated my friends...intention is how you will get through to others. Intention from your heart and from this peace that we are all made of. That we were born with and that is there even when the world is loud and overbearing.

I did not understand the power of intention, let alone what it truly meant, until last year. I remember the exact moment where I experienced it while consciously being aware of it. I was in a group session/demonstration for equine therapy. We were asked to make our horse meet us at the centre of the arena. I noticed everyone walking towards their horses.  They were trying to push them, pull them, call them. I got quiet, calm, and started breathing. Finding my centre, my heart space. I placed myself in the centre of the arena, closed my eyes. I put out the intention of wanting the horse to come meet me. After about a minute, I opened my eyes. The horse had walked right up to me, only a foot away from me. Facing me and totally connected with me. It was magical and even I could not believe it at first....can it really be this easy? Yes it can! 

I then started to use this in other situations and with different people. At the grocery store, while driving, in my sessions with clients etc. What a beautiful discovery! 
We, humans, use words, so many words....too many words in my opinion. It truly is not how we communicate most effectively. Someone will read your intention long before any words make it to their conscious minds. That's where the intention you have can be so powerful! 

And I know, believe me I know; life is busy, the world is moving fast, and you feel you can't stop because if you do you will be missing out. This needs to be done, that needs attended to etc. I get pulled into the circus like everyone else...but being aware is key. Start by being aware you are being pulled and then take yourself back into your centre with this peace that never left you. It is there inside you waiting for you to tap into it. It won't be a loud will be a whisper. So breathe. Be still as much as you can. Pull yourself back in a million times a day if you must (that's where I am at right now). It takes practice but the rewards last a lifetime. Once you have found this clarity you can move from this place of love and set your intentions... send out your signal into the world! 

Crack your heart open! Let your mind take a back seat. Let your inner self guide is there waiting for you. It will always be there. It has aways been there. The heart always wins. Let your heart be the fuel behind your intentions.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...



  1. What a lovely reminder to stay present and intentional with all aspects of your life. Love this. XXO

    1. Thank you Deidra! Happy to hear it resonates with you. Xxx