Sunday, June 11, 2017

The ladybug and the Horse

Since I can remember, I was always a little girl who loved animals. All of them! From horses to dogs, insects to birds. I remember this lovely lady we had as a neighbour. Her home was old and beautiful! I would walk from my yard through her marvellous gardens. So many flowers, it was magical. I would go visit her and would always end up in her wardrobe where I knew, in a box was her cat and kittens. She seemed to always have kittens around. I would get lost in time and often would be late for dinner, but my mom knew where to call to find me. I would do the same at my grandmother's place. I would kiss my grandma quickly and head in the basement, near the wood stove where again a box with kittens was waiting for my love and enchantment.

As a child I had a bed frame with a book shelf in the headboard. I had a whole collection of books about animals of all kinds; birds, whales, wolves etc. As I got older I spent hours watching documentaries. I only spoke french back then and loved Jacques Cousteau! His amazing documentaries were called "L’Odyssée Sous-Marine de l’Équipe Cousteau". My mom would urge me to go outside but I was perfectly happy learning and being amazed by the creatures of the world!

When my spiritual journey started to unfold and come to the forefront of my life, especially after my Reiki course, I realized my love for everything in nature grew! I even had a phase where I had a hard time gardening, cutting grass etc... I kept thinking; who decided this plant was a weed and needed to go and this one was a flower therefore could live? I started saving all insects I could from my home. In our home we would get ladybugs quite often and I had learned that in the winter they could survive on their body weight but what was killing them was dehydration. So yes, I would put a bit of water on my finger and leave it to them, they would run towards it and drink. Even my husband knew to leave them alone and not get rid of them. Every living being deserves to me from a ladybug to horse there is no difference. Who gets to decide which one is more important!

The more I aligned with my purpose the more sensitive I became.  Eventually I came to the realization that I am an Empath. I had always associated being an empath to feeling and sometimes absorbing a persons' energy but I realized that I could also do it with animals.

I could feel what animals were feeling; both physically and emotionally. I remember my first experience with this. My husband and I were were travelling to my in-laws in Northern Ontario. We sadly ended drive by a bear who had just been hit and was laying in the middle of the road. He could not get up, but was still moving his legs. I had to stop the car a few minutes after that as I could not stop crying.  This was not me sympathizing and just being sad about the event. I was in fact feeling pain and so much sadness, and fear. I knew I had picked up on the bear's energy. That's how I started to really notice something important was happening that was tied to my life purpose including animals.

I started volunteering at a sanctuary for wild birds and was assigned to the ICU. I could feel when one was close to passing or when one was scared, happy, etc. It was hard at first but then I realized it was how I could connect with them and therefore help them in the way they needed. It was not a curse feeling this much, it was an ability and tool I was given to help in my own way.

From there my love and desire to help animals heal just sky-rocketed! Animal Reiki was my next step. In this training I was shown techniques and insights only to realize I had already been doing these teachings intuitively, so it just confirmed even more that it was part of my purpose to help nature.

Animals started to show themselves to me more and more, especially wild animals and birds. Animals I had never seen ever before in my life. Just this week I had the privilege of watching, 10 feet away from me, 4 little chickadee babies take their first flight one right after the other. It was absolutely magical. Last winter a snowy owl gave me the honour to be in its' presence one on one. I took the time to thank him, meditate with him and send him Reiki that he graciously accepted. I even have a lovely friend who started to call me Snow White haha!

As I write this I feel my heart space just open up so much. I often say I prefer being in the presence of animals. They understand me and connect with me on a level humans often can't. And the most beautiful thing started to happen. As I was more and more open and practiced more Reiki on them I started to hear them. Animal communication is something I now realize I always did but now I am aware of it and use it to help me get to the root of what needs healing.

Imagine how different our world would be if we all respected, to the high level of wisdom that they have, all animals, trees, insects. They taught me that we don't need words to communicate with one another. Humans to humans, humans to animals, etc. We can communicate and create stronger bonds energetically, if only we take the time. They help us connect with a part of ourselves that is screaming to come alive. They teach us about the beauty of life, the rhythms of the earth, the seasons of joy and struggle we go through. They teach us about compassion, resilience, and of course LOVE. They have helped me heal and now it's my time to do the same for them.

So go out there in nature, be still, observe, listen...there are many teachers ready to help you on your path.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


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