Friday, May 25, 2018

The teachings of Braydon...

If you have read my blog or if you have been following me on social media you are aware of my love and mission regarding animals. Part of my life purpose is to heal and communicate with them. Assisting them to transition into the next phase of their life.

I met the cat Braydon in the summer of 2017. His wonderful owner had found me through the last article written in this magazine about reiki and animals. She shared with me she is not really a magazine reader but felt compelled to pick this one up. It lay on her table for a while before she decided to read the article. That's how I entered Braydon's life and he entered mine.

Braydon is a majestic, beautiful, soulful cat.  Orange and white with intense green eyes. A soul that was meant to cross my path for an amazing exchange.

I started working with Braydon doing reiki, animal communication, and other intuitive healing methods to support him. He was very ill and his owner felt he was entering the last phase of his earthly life. I would see him approximately every 2-3 weeks for his treatments. It was clear my role would be to bring him serenity in all ways, to make him as comfortable as possible physically, and to be the telephone line between he and his owner. Answering questions they both had and communicating his needs to her to make him as happy as possible during this journey. He knew. And it was clear to me the honour with which I had been bestowed.

                                          This is Braydon and I during one of our healing/communication session

In February 2018, the time came. It was scheduled and would be happening peacefully in his home. I arrived first and took some time with him to explain what was about to unfold and offer energy healing. The way I communicate with animals is telepathically, it is the most efficient way I have found to receive and give clear messages. He had some fears that needed to be addressed. What will happen to me? I explained and showed him where he would go, what and who he would find there. His fear dissipated right away. Then another fearful thought came, but what about my partner? my  person (speaking of his loving owner)? What would happen to her? I reassured him that I would take care of her. He made me promise. I had to reassure him more than once about this matter.

This selfless concern astonishes me every time I encounter it. What is most important to them is the well-being of their owner, their friend. It brings a wave of pure love to me as I write this line. Their unconditional love is a gift I have yet to find in other earthly beings.

While the team and owner were discussing details, I heard Braydon ask me to come to him. He was sitting close to the radio which was playing his favourite cd. I sat down facing him, just a few feet away. He gave me the slow wink, cat's way of saying I love you. You have to know that he had done this only once before, the first day we had met. What happened next was nothing but incredibly beautiful. He locked eyes with me, told me to pay attention to the song that was playing. The line that came on right at that time was "everything comes back to you". I looked back at him and heard him share with me " Everything you did for me will come back to you". I just had to take a moment as I am writing this as it still does, and probably always will, stir up some emotions in me. What a teaching moment he had just offered me. Love...pure, selfless, monumental, and divine.

But he was not done being nothing less than incredible. I would be humbled and graced by his wisdom one more time. When his moment came, I stood aside sending energy healing to him and everyone in the room.  As a medium, I know that "death" as we call it is merely a transition for the soul from one vibration to another. There is a reason animals can see departed loved ones; their energy vibrates at a higher frequency. This is what I explain to my clients to assist them in their understanding and to bring them comfort. I have this immense privilege of being able to tap in these kind of frequencies so I can be of service to others. And I thought I understood death, transition, and frequency vibration really well. But I was about to realize there was more to learn.

Braydon started communicating with me before all was done, but then he continued communicating during his transition and continued after he had left his physical body. There was no separation during this whole time. Nothing changed, no stopping, no discontinuation. Putting this into words is difficult, it is a true "soul experience" as I refer to them. I had just had the privilege of experiencing the truth of the soul at the moment of passing. Our loved ones truly are right there with us. I never doubted it, but this was to experience it in an unusual way.

This day changed me. See this was my very first time being asked by an owner and animal to be of assistance for the entire process, from the very beginning in 2017 to the moment of grace in February of 2018. Since then, Brayden has come back to me, announcing he would be acting as one of my guides - helping me in assisting human beings and animals during their transitional time, as well as supporting the family.

I write this to hopefully bring you a different perspective as well as to lend comfort as it relates to our journey as a soul, no matter in which body you reside here on earth.

I will forever be grateful to this gorgeous Prince with the green piercing eyes.  I am honoured to have him as a teacher and honoured to share some of those teachings with all of you.

"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation" -Rumi

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Make it last...

Do you remember he last time you had an intense feeling along the lines of joy, gratefulness, peace? And then automatically just moved on. Moved on to your next task, to your next thought, to your next emotion?

There are many ways we can choose to live within our world and one of them is definitely move on, move fast, get things done. Unfortunately, always living from this place does not allow much space for our emotions and can be how many suppress them. It often becomes more about actions and "accomplishments", more about the content and details of life than actually what life is truly about.

After years of not feeling any emotions connected to the realm of happiness and serenity, sure I had fleeting moments but in the depth of my darkest years I do remember a time where I did for months and weeks not smile, laugh or feel a glimpse of light within my heart.

Have you ever felt surprised hearing your own laugh? I remember the exact moment it happened for me. I was with my husband on vacation just standing in the salt water and was being pushed back and forth by the waves, strong waves and joy just rolled within me like thunder and came out of my mouth, echoing in the wide open space a laugh. It was loud, so loud I stopped in surprised and looked at my husband and said "omg I just laughed!" Life had just offered me a precious perspective. One that I will never forget.

When joy came back here and there wrapped like a little precious package in my life, it became very noticeable and almost felt like a surprise. I started to pay attention when it would happen and when the occasion would show itself up I would consciously tap into it, stay connected with it. It felt amazing...

I then realized that it did not have to stop there. Joy did not have to be part of my life in only small moments. I had the capacity to grow that feeling, bask in it, feed it so it could fill me and my life longer.

When doing so we usher an amazing energy, joy is one of the highest vibrational emotion next to love. Focusing on it when it appears in our lives and as mentioned above letting it bubble up inside us creates ripples that are unseen with our physical eyes. It attracts more of it towards ourselves and it does so in truly magical ways and in all areas of our life. In fact this whole process is true for all emotions and we then realize that we have a choice on where and what we decide to harness our energy.

So may I invite you, next time you feel joy, to first realize that's what it is. Then close your eyes, take deep breaths and with each of them feel happiness grow within you. And then let it grow outside of you and stay there for a moment longer than you usually would.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...