Thursday, March 15, 2018

Make it last...

Do you remember he last time you had an intense feeling along the lines of joy, gratefulness, peace? And then automatically just moved on. Moved on to your next task, to your next thought, to your next emotion?

There are many ways we can choose to live within our world and one of them is definitely move on, move fast, get things done. Unfortunately, always living from this place does not allow much space for our emotions and can be how many suppress them. It often becomes more about actions and "accomplishments", more about the content and details of life than actually what life is truly about.

After years of not feeling any emotions connected to the realm of happiness and serenity, sure I had fleeting moments but in the depth of my darkest years I do remember a time where I did for months and weeks not smile, laugh or feel a glimpse of light within my heart.

Have you ever felt surprised hearing your own laugh? I remember the exact moment it happened for me. I was with my husband on vacation just standing in the salt water and was being pushed back and forth by the waves, strong waves and joy just rolled within me like thunder and came out of my mouth, echoing in the wide open space a laugh. It was loud, so loud I stopped in surprised and looked at my husband and said "omg I just laughed!" Life had just offered me a precious perspective. One that I will never forget.

When joy came back here and there wrapped like a little precious package in my life, it became very noticeable and almost felt like a surprise. I started to pay attention when it would happen and when the occasion would show itself up I would consciously tap into it, stay connected with it. It felt amazing...

I then realized that it did not have to stop there. Joy did not have to be part of my life in only small moments. I had the capacity to grow that feeling, bask in it, feed it so it could fill me and my life longer.

When doing so we usher an amazing energy, joy is one of the highest vibrational emotion next to love. Focusing on it when it appears in our lives and as mentioned above letting it bubble up inside us creates ripples that are unseen with our physical eyes. It attracts more of it towards ourselves and it does so in truly magical ways and in all areas of our life. In fact this whole process is true for all emotions and we then realize that we have a choice on where and what we decide to harness our energy.

So may I invite you, next time you feel joy, to first realize that's what it is. Then close your eyes, take deep breaths and with each of them feel happiness grow within you. And then let it grow outside of you and stay there for a moment longer than you usually would.

May your healing move you with ease and grace wherever you are in your journey...


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  1. Thank you for writing this, I have been thinking about how little I really feel joyful lately. I will consciously bring more joy and laughter into my life. Namaste. Carol